This April, stay tuned for our upcoming SKY Drama #Tikula which will follow a group of students from Skywood High. We watch how they all deal with their own issues, how they make choices, and the role their friendship has in their lives.

Meet the cast...

Meet Nandile

Nandile aka Nandi is the new girl. Nandi gets a scholarship to Skywood High because of academic excellence and football prowess. Nandi’s passion is making beats, she can’t decide if she wants to join the Zambia National Football Team or become the next big music producer. When she gets to Skywood she wants to fit in desperately and at some point loses herself in a bid to be part of the cool kids.

Meet Taizya

She stays true to herself. Taizya doesn’t see the need to change herself to fit in – she has enough going on in life dealing with her alcoholic father and later her grandmother’s illness. Taizya, though not wealthy, has been at good schools all her life because of her father’s teaching abilities. When her dad lost his job, the school agreed to let Taizya and her sister stay in school, and the family to keep the teachers housing as long as Michael (Taizya’s dad) ran the school tuckshop. Taizya loves to sing and it’s not long before she gets Nandi to write songs for her. The two quickly bond over their love of music.

Meet Mimi

Michelle aka Mimi: The Queen B of Skywood, Mimi is more interested in becoming a social media influencer, or an entertainment superstar and showing off her popularity and coolness on social media. She wants to be famous.  On the surface she looks like her life is altogether but isn’t really. Her family is middle class but the cracks at home are starting to show.  Add to that, an older boyfriend who tries to pressure her into doing what he wants her to do, not necessarily what she wants to do. Life isn’t rosey for Mimi and she finds comfort in music as Nandi invites her to join her and Taizya’s music group.  As Mimi’s life begins to unravel, and the stress becomes too much, Mimi realizes she has to make a choice that will impact her life

Meet Tasha

Tasha is Mimi’s BFF. Tasha is the richest of her friends and doesn’t feel the need to work for anything as what Tasha wants, Tasha gets. Tasha is all about the soft life.  Tasha is also captain of the football team and hopes that this achievement can gain the attention of her parents who are forever absent from her life. Tasha is the ultimate mean girl, but is this a neglected child acting out?

Meet Bosco

Bosco could be seen as the clown of the group, but really he’s just around for having a good time. He enjoys a laugh and rapping is his thing. He doesn’t care much about the girls and can seem a bit chauvinistic at time. His dream is to be the next Tyler the Creator.

Meet Ghost

Best friends with Bosco, Ghost is more the gentle soul, and the school athlete and popular boy in school. Ghost is immediately attracted to Nandi when he meets her and comes to her aid more than once to show that he can be her knight in shining armor.

Meet Fox

Tasha’s older brother and Mimi’s boyfriend, Fox is a college student who sees Mimi as his trophy piece. He is the bad boy with an appetite for fast cars, party lifestyle, the soft life. Like his sister, he isn’t the nicest guy, and cares only about what he wants, when he wants it.

Meet Kelly

Meet Kelly her THING is learning! When it comes to tests, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll never see her fail.